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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


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Miss Mandy

I know what you mean ... I've really been enjoying the journaling process too. Good advice to let go of the outcome and just see what happens... I'll try that tomorrow.


your pages are very cool, i love all the textures you have added!
it is so freeing to create art for no body, but yourself! even though there are still those days when you want it to go differently, it's easier to just let it go and on to the next page. ;-)

the shadow puppet photo was creating using the sunlight coming in so thick from the kitchen window yesterday morning... not today...gray skies.
happy thursday...white! ;-) xo

Nelda Ream

great page. Thanks for sharing what you have learned about creating intuitively. I needed to hear that.


beautiful textures...is that sage? what a lovely combination. i agree with you the creating becomes meditative in the process.

Teresa aka Tess



Pick a starting place, and then react to it, and then react to that, over and over until it feels finished.

That is the perfect way of describing the creative process.


very well put! my thoughts exactly! i am loving this page, and also the white circles!

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