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Sunday, March 01, 2009


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You and I have all these weird little intersects of our lives. You probably didn't know, but my step dad is a clasically trained blacksmith. He made a living at it until he went to Med school and became a doctor. Now it's a just his hobby-he built himself a forge at home. He was also the blacksmith at Expo '86.

So...I do know a thing or two about smithing! That twist is really hard and you did a great job!



This is the website of John Smith, whom my step dad apprenticed under. How do you like the name John Smith, Blacksmith? *laughs* He's got quite a nice set up in Crawford Bay, which is this really small town near where my Gram lives. (Near Nelson, BC, in the interior.)


I have always been fascinated by blacksmithing...probably because of horses. I once considered becoming one. I so love fire and steel.....


this is AWESOME!

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