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Friday, January 01, 2010


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That was great Tina. I've missed you! That mosiac is wonderful-I love the colours. Your encaustics are amazing-they have a dream-like quality to them.

I can't do this photo meme thing-mine would be photos of the Isotopes I had injected, the chemo going into my arm...my MRIs...(I kid you not-I have pics of all these crazy things.) It would be like my own version of HOUSE. *laughs*

Happy new year to you and Debbie & Tanner. xoxo


Love the idea of the year in review...I have to catalogue my photos differently from now on for that. You are so productive! I have all my soapmaking supplies tucked away and really need to get them out to make a big batch...I have the knitted washcloths all ready to go with them for Christmas 2010 (they've really been ready since Christmas 2007 ;))
ohhh...a garden and jam making too...I'm so envious.

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