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Saturday, May 28, 2011


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Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques,
Dormez vous? Dormez vous?
Sonnez les matines,
Sonnez les matines,
Ding Ding Dong,
Ding Ding Dong!

That's a Canadian standard.

I was born in a city with the largest French speaking population outside of Quebec, so we were bombarded with French Canadian songs from a young age. I still know all the words. I actually only sing the Canadian national anthem en Francais. ;)


love! that tablecloth and Frere Jacques is one of LM's fav songs! (he and Nana sing it each time they see each other)

Tara Finlay

OMG I totally remember those albums! How funny is that? My neighbors must have had them because we didn't have a stereo until I purchased my first record player in a garage sale across the street when I was 10.
(I did, however, have the first SONY Walkman sold in our town. My dad knew the owner of the music store)

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